Art infiltrates the University of Turku campus in 27.9.-15.10.2023. Three artist-driven actors – the artists' association Arte, Ehkä-production and the co-operative publisher Poesia – will bring to the university a multi-artistic project that approaches the intersection of art and science as well as the question of accessibility through various interventions.

The interventions invite one to dream and observe the university as a mental and physical space. The artworks interpret their surroundings, open up new conversations and highlight different facets of creative thinking. In addition, the project's walking tour and workshop will dive into the structures of the academic world in search of new directions.

The co-production project is funded by the Turku 2029 Foundation and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

*Uni, the short of university, also means dream in Finnish, therefore uni2
(uni to the power of two) is a dream of something new


Artists` association Arte was founded in 1960 by professional visual artists, and it manages the contemporary art space Titanik and an international residency focusing on sound art. Arte aims to challenge established practices in the art field and works for a fairer and more inclusive art scene. In Titanik, the association emphasises experimental contemporary art that is in dialogue with the society. Arte wants to create a space for unexpected encounters, artistic interchange and critical debate. The association is a prominent player in the contemporary art scene and acts as a link between artists and local cultural communities and other actors in the field.



The operator of new dance and performance, Ehkä-production is a community and an employer formed by the long-term creative work of independent artists. Since its establishment in 2004, Ehkä has actively promoted non-commercial, singular, and experimental art through the co-production of works in the dance and performance fields. The community also supports projects in children's culture, sound art, music, fine art, and performance art. The artist-run Ehkä curates and manages the Contemporary Art Space Kutomo in Turku, an interdisciplinary art venue established in 2009. Ehkä provides work opportunities for more than a hundred artists each year.



Established in 2010, Poesia is an independent and co-operative publisher based in Helsinki, Finland. Poesia mainly focuses on contemporary poetry in Finnish but the catalogue also includes translations, experimental prose, essays, literary criticism, and works that fall between genres. The Poesia community consists of poets and other professionals of literature and book design. Published works are selected based on artistic criteria. In addition to books, Poesia also publishes the chapbook series Poesiavihkot and the e-journal Noesis.

Poesia’s Uni2-team: Mikael Brygger, Henriikka Tavi, Jouni Teittinen, Virpi Vairinen.

Graphic design of the side library: Olli-Pekka Tennilä


Arte’s board, Saskia Suominen, Lotta Anttila, Rose Pietola, Eero Nives, Anne Järvi, Anna Torkkel, Mikael Brygger, Henriikka Tavi, Jouni Teittinen, Virpi Vairinen, Olli-Pekka Tennilä

Thank you
Anne-Katri Hatakka-Juntti, Meri Louhi, Esa Kunnas, Janne Virtanen, artists and performers, Poesia’s authors participating with their works, Sari Huttunen, Liisa Tiittanen and other staff members of University of Turku library

Visual and Graphic Design
Tuomas Lehtomaa

Archive photo originals:
University of Turku

(Index:Kamera-Aitta-Boden, 2nd photo on Programme: Valok. Ahti)